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Encapsulated Movie Reviews – Five New Indie Titles

There’s no shortage of lessor known film fare this week, though not all the movie news is good.  But frankly scouring the smaller cinema is a lot like gambling – even though the house has the advantage there’s always hope for that rare big payday.  (Aka gems and duds will get reviewed!)  Going from high […]


‘Dracula Untold’ Sort Of Retells A Familiar Tale (Movie Review)

When I first saw the poster for Universal’s Dracula Untold I instantly was fooled into thinking this was some kind of fan made poster art for Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy, at least it looked like it belonged to that particular franchise.  My opinion on the matter still holds true even today when I look […]


Enemy (Blu-ray Review)

Last year, mainstream audiences were given the chance to check out Prisoners, a kidnapping drama from director Denis Villeneuve.  Many gave praise to Hugh Jackman taking his Wolverine rage and putting it into an average guy who just wanted to find his daughter.  I liked Jackman, but it was Jake Gyllenhaal’s turn as Det. Loki […]


Jake Gyllenhaal Stars In Psychological Thriller ENEMY Arriving On Blu-ray This June

Here’s a movie that I most regret missing, while it was in theaters.  From everything I have heard, Enemy will likely be a film I end up loving, but I just could not make any of the screening dates, or catch it while it was in theaters or on VOD.  Now I will have the […]


Cosmopolis Movie Review – Just Seen It

No movie this year has perplexed Sean, Liz and Salim the way this movie has done. Watch how they each interpret David Cronenberg’s newest morality play. Starring Salim Lemelle, Liz Manashil (@LizManashil) and Sean Wright. Directed by Amy Taylor. Synopsis: Eric, a billionaire trader, hops in a limousine to go get a haircut. But a visit from […]