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‘Dracula Untold’ Sort Of Retells A Familiar Tale (Movie Review)

When I first saw the poster for Universal’s Dracula Untold I instantly was fooled into thinking this was some kind of fan made poster art for Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy, at least it looked like it belonged to that particular franchise.  My opinion on the matter still holds true even today when I look […]


Les Misérables (iTunes HD Digital Download Review)

Being the Blu-ray snob I have been ever since the fall of 2006, I’d never thought I would ever hear myself mutter the following words.  It didn’t dawn on me until my move from Cleveland, OH to Austin, TX just how much cheaper it would have been to transport my 500 HD movies in the […]


‘Les Miserables’ Is Bombastic, But Sure To Please Audiences (Movie Review)

Right off the bat, I should say that between the novel by Victor Hugo, the stage play, and previous film adaptations, I am quite familiar with the story of Les Miserables.  The idea of a big-budget film musical, with an A-list set of actors, and an Oscar-winning director certainly sounds like a success story in […]