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‘Before Midnight’ Completes Linklater’s Wonderful Trilogy (Movie Review)

In the midst of all of the summer blockbusters going around, I was happy to be just as thrilled by a film that involves nothing but lengthy conversations and arguments.  I am not going to be that person who tries to say that summer blockbusters are nothing compared to exquisite art house films, as I […]


Gerard’s Top 10 Blu-rays of 2011

Once again, the wrecking crew here at Why So Blu have come together to bring you our top 10 favorite Blu-rays of the year. Please keep in mind that we’re in the second week of December, so we will not be including Blu-rays that are scheduled to come out in the next two weeks. We […]


Great Directors (DVD Review)

It’s a real treat, and suffice to say, and even and honor to review films in general, but there are those moments where a title flies under the radar and lands firmly on my lap that makes my whole day. Great Directors is one of these films; a documentary, in fact, that brightened up my […]