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The Amazing Spiderman – Just Seen It ‘Preview Review’

Salim, Greg and Aaron discuss all the possibilities of the new Spiderman movie with both anticipation and apprehension!  Abandoned by his parents as a boy, Peter Parker is raised by his Aunt and Uncle. But when he finds a mysterious briefcase, it leads him to his father’s former partner.  Seeking the answers to his past, […]


Scarlet Spider No Flimsy Spin-off

The Spider-Man saga started quite a long time ago…1962 to be exact, and since then, everyone’s favorite web slinger has seen just about all there is to see within the pages of a comic book. Plus, the guy’s abilities are pretty impressive, so needless to say his enemies have been out to harness that for […]


Get the Spiderman Trilogy on Blu-ray for $30 and Free Shipping!

While I realize that many people didn’t like Spiderman 3, this is still a great deal for all three Spiderman Blu-rays.  Personally, I loved the first two and liked the third and I think most people can agree that Spiderman 2 was one of the best (if not the best) superhero movies ever made.  All […]