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Ordinary People – Paramount Presents (Blu-ray Review)

Its always fascinatingly bizarre to me when a former Best Picture winner doesn’t wind up on a home video format until way down the road. In this case, 1980’s Ordinary People, directed by Hollywood legend Robert Redford, is finally making its debut on Blu-ray 16 years into the format’s life and when its been the […]


Straight Time (Blu-ray Review)

The 1970s were not short on films serving as character studies of some of the more ruthless individuals. The anti-heroes as we like to call them. 1978 saw Dustin Hoffman playing an ex-con freshly released from prison who just couldn’t keep away from the people and the life in Straight Time. As heralded as the […]


The Amazing Spiderman – Just Seen It ‘Preview Review’

Salim, Greg and Aaron discuss all the possibilities of the new Spiderman movie with both anticipation and apprehension!  Abandoned by his parents as a boy, Peter Parker is raised by his Aunt and Uncle. But when he finds a mysterious briefcase, it leads him to his father’s former partner.  Seeking the answers to his past, […]