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5 Fast 5 Furious 5 Stars (Minus 1)

Vroom!  So this isn’t supposed to happen.  The fifth installment of a movie series is not supposed to be the best one yet, with actual anticipation building up for another.  That is not what should happen, but dammit, Fast Five delivers just that.  Somehow, this film series decided to go all out and deliver a […]


Legion a Sinful Mess

Let the games begin!  No, I’m not referring to the upcoming Winter Olympics.  Rather, those were the words that rang through my mind as we entered 2010.  I looked forward with cinematic excitement as the list of releases brought child-like excitement to my eyes.  Up to the halfway mark of 2009, I was beginning to […]


The Daily Blu…September 30, 2009

Wow!  Not another day of no Blu-ray news to report on?  Say it ain’t true?  Yep, I am sorry it is.  Although, here’s one for you.  Try this one on for size.  For a limited time you can get a Michael Bay autographed Transformers 1 & 2 Blu-ray disc.   The prices depend on whether or […]


Comic-Con Update #10 – Mayhem! (featuring Tyrese Gibson)

During my stroll of the vendor floor at this year’s Comic Con, which can often cause sensory overload, I happened to be confronted by one very attractive woman selling copies of some comic book signed by actor/model/writer Tyrese Gibson.  “Sure,” I thought.  “I’ll buy one!”  Upon which I was immediately herded into a line that […]