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DC Collectibles Suicide Squad Harley Quinn and Joker Statue (Review)

I kind of wanted to try something new on the site here.  Many years ago I became so smitten with the world of collecting (mostly Star Wars) that it got to the point of insanity when you have Master Replica lightsabers and Slave Leia’s in your kitchen, living room, office and basically anywhere you can think of because of lack of proper display space.  Couple that with the expense of having to haul all of that crap half way across the country in a move from Ohio to Texas and I swore I’d never do it again.  However, the itch has returned and has taught me a “valuable” lesson.  Never say never.  I quote the word valuable because let’s face it in order to really collect some cool items one must at least have some disposable income or else you’re very prone to go broke.  I would say modern day, pop culture brands like Pop! Funko and Jada Metals in the Suicide Squad (mostly Harley Quinn) and Batman v Superman lineups have been my undoing.  Thanks to them I’m once again a “Sucker For Pain.”  My fiancee didn’t help stop my itch with all the wonderful toys she got me last Christmas.  My co-worker has also been a bad influence too with all his collectibles he brings in.  They both made me itchier.  Ha ha.  So that brings me to the reason we’re all gathered here today… Continue reading ‘DC Collectibles Suicide Squad Harley Quinn and Joker Statue (Review)’