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Special Effects (Blu-ray Review)

Larry Cohen is no stranger to B-movie cinema geeks like myself.  He’s mostly known for all kinds of genre fare, like Q: The Winged Serpent, The Stuff, the It’s Alive movies and even a sequel to Salem’s Lot.  But, the man really got his start in Blaxploitation cinema, crafting a couple of Fred “The Hammer” […]


Brandon’s Best Blu-rays Of 2015 Across The Globe!

The Why So Blu top Blu-rays of 2015 wheel has spun and landed on me.  Once again, I’m honored to close this out and go last.  2015 was a game-changer year for me with Blu-ray personally.  For years, my colleague Gerard has been nagging at me to get a region-free player.  I would complain about […]


God Told Me To (Blu-ray Review)

This is the critically acclaimed cult classic written, produced and directed by Larry Cohen that remains one of the most disturbing and though-provoking horror films of our time: God Told Me To.  Larry Cohen, who got his start being a fine Blaxploitation director (Kicking off Fred Williamson’s era of dominance in Hell Up In Harlem […]


Maniac Cop 2 (Blu-ray Review)

The Maniac Cop is back from the dead and stalking the streets of New York once more. Officer Matt Cordell was once a hero, but after being framed by corrupt superiors and brutally assaulted in prison, he sets out on a macabre mission of vengeance, teaming up with a vicious serial killer to track down […]