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Enjoyable Times In The Ensemble Human Comedy ‘Person To Person’ (Movie Review)

Here’s a breezy little indie movie that gets by on the abilities of its ensemble cast. Person to Person takes place over the course of one day in New York. It finds little, if any, connections between the characters we meet, but is entertaining nonetheless. The film has an unassuming style, some bits of character-based […]


Bateman’s ‘Bad Words’ Is Funny (Movie Review)

Bad Words has a good logline:  A middle-aged man competes in a national spelling bee.  It helps that the film is quite funny.  The humor is certainly of the pitch-black variety, with a good dose of raunchiness thrown in as well, but having the spirit of an indie at least lends Bad Words some distinct […]


‘People Like Us’ Is Sentimental Stuff

I really don’t have anything against this movie for what it tries to be.  Given that someone already went ahead and called pull quote credit by proclaiming People Like Us as “The feel good movie of the summer,” I get the feeling that anyone that is going into this movie will probably have a good […]