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Wonder Woman Ends DC Cinematic Crisis (Movie Review)

It would appear that Wonder Woman is the result of studio heads and producers thinking things through a bit more and allowing for more creative freedom. Thanks to some talented filmmakers and actors, this is the film the DCEU needed to get themselves out of the hole that began with an underwhelming Man of Steel […]


SDCC 2016 – “Hope and Potential for Mankind:” Wonder Woman Movie Panel

Today, during the Warner Bros. panel in H Hall, trailers and upcoming sneak peeks submerged audiences in the DC Comic Universe. From Suicide Squad to Justice League, the audience was mesmerized and dazzled by the good (and bad) guys who fight evil. However one DC superhero definitely stood out from the rest,  none other than […]


It’s A Great Time to Be Alive Part 2: Wonder Woman Trailer at Comic-Con!

While I’m holding up the home front here in Austin, TX while my peers are living it up at San Diego Comic-Con 2016 today in Hall H, videos like this that Warner Bros. just released online make it a good time to be alive.  After all, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is my favorite […]


September 21st ‘New 52’ Releases from DC

Yesterday witnessed another barrage of DC Comics restarts as we get closer to the final launch date. Though September 21st’s releases consisted of twelve titles, we’re going to take a quick look at half of those, including DC standouts Batman and Wonder Woman.  It’s hard to believe four of the five ‘New 52’ release dates […]


DC Comics Schedule of ‘The New 52’

DC Comics’ ‘New 52’ mass reboot of 52 of their titles is already a huge success.  A good handful of these titles are already out in stores. Check out DC’s schedule to see what issue 1’s you may have missed and what’s right around the corner…


DC Prepares to Unleash ‘The New 52’

Never has a comic book publisher done what DC is about to. Through a great deal of planning, caution and artistic development, the home of Superman and Batman will reset 52 of its titles, many of which are already deep into the hundreds, to issue 1.   What would cause the company to create such a mammoth undertaking and […]