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Best Comic Books of 2017

This past year saw some big events in the comic book world. The Suicide Squad went toe to toe with the Justice League. Image saw the last words written for one of its strongest series in Invincible. The Joker and the Riddler went fisticuffs on a catastrophic level in the pages of Batman (that read comes highly recommended from me by the way). Let us not forget the brilliance of small indie publisher Sabotage Industries and their title Shed. That came awfully close to making this list as its Alien Nation-vibe story brought civil rights to the forefront in a new light. It pitted the skin vs. skinless amidst an apocalyptic overtone with some magnificent writing and great artwork to boot. As with any ‘best of the year’ list, however, there can only be one champ in each category. So, while the aforementioned titles didn’t make this list, rest assured they are all enjoyable reads. Now onto the list…

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Jason Coleman’s Top Five Male & Female Performances Of 2017 (w/Bonus Actress Eliza Taylor Interview!)

For those who truly believe the performer in film is key, this is the year-end list for you.  Giving credit where it’s amply earned, I scoured many a good and bad flick to single out and construct a diverse and challenging list of outstanding actors whose work blew me away in 2017 – and it wasn’t easy.  With an abundance of great performances this year I had to omit folks based on everything from volume (EVERYONE is Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri is amazing!) to fairness (the amazing Sally Hawkins can only get one nod here!) to be able to accurately weed down and choose what I find to be work that goes above and beyond.  So big and small, lead or supporting below is a list of five exceptional men and women who exemplify what it is to create a character that kicks ass.  Passionate mutes, undercover cops, unknowing powerful losers, sassy elders, spirited strong strippers, sweet simpletons, aging criminals, unflinching tough guys, manic wackos and two sides of the same character all make up the men and women of my illustrious…TOP FIVE MALE & FEMALE PERFORMANCES OF 2017.  (And keep reading below for a cool bonus Q&A with my arresting #2 female choice Eliza Taylor for her layered lead work in Thumper – you’re welcome!)

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Jason Coleman’s Top Five Movie Posters Of 2017

Well, it’s that time of year once again movie maniacs.  The time when we look back at the wares of the wondrous past year and highlight that which has given the most joy.  Since my Blu-ray collecting for 2017 has been somewhat minimal, I proudly produce a yearly list of equally arty fare that helps decorate movie geek lairs – all designed for the more frugal film fan.  What follows are my five favorite regular movie posters that the average Joe (or Joy!) can find easily on the web (check those movie poster shops or eBay!), don’t cost an arm and a leg (looking good doesn’t mean having to spend a fortune – twenty bucks or less man!) and don’t have to jump through hoops to get to.  (I’m talking to you Mondo – change your damn system!)  These are wall musts that do so much with so little and kick major ass as a decorative device (I speak from experience and put my money where my mouth is – see bonus pic at the bottom of the article!) – I am proud to present…

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Gregg’s 2017 Game of the Year

With sales for PS4, Xbox One and PC titles running strong, the video game industry continues to do financial cartwheels year after year. And as technology progresses with such grand rapidity, fans of gaming demand more out of these titles with each passing year. The Madden football franchise continues to be a dollar bill powerhouse with its gargantuan following. Call of Duty revisited a pivotal point in our history with their WWII release that showed off some impressive cinematic sequences and gameplay footage in their TV spots. Let’s not forget Nintendo’s latest tool of the trade, the Switch, and their growing library of games that’s entered the fray as well.  Nevertheless, only one can be king. Which game gets the crown for 2017?

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Brandon’s Blu-ray Wishlist For 2018!

Once again, the time of year has come upon us; the end of the Blu-ray release year. I’m a little later than prior years on this and its because the announcement to release window is becoming incredible short. Just last week I posted about four Transformers movies coming to 4K Ultra-HD within the next couple weeks. And I’m still afraid we may get some December announcements still, but I’m confident those would merely be 4K. Which, you’re probably wondering why, after two years of coverage on Why So Blu, that there isn’t a 4K wishlish. Well, that’s because the format is still in complete infancy and isn’t under the full embrace or changeover of the studios (Or at least as we’d hope it would be). The amount of stuff still not on the format is just massive and that’s just too easy and fun. I could do a wishlist of hundreds for that format. I stick to Blu-ray as the movies still not on the format, it could be their last stop in terms of physical home media. It could be the best presentation they ever see.  And there are still PLENTY of things that would benefit in jumping over. We are seeing some fantastic double dips as well, and I hope those continue (When they are worthwhile, like the recent Scream Factroy Silent Night, Deadly Night, Arrow’s The Thing or Criterion’s upcoming Silence of the Lambs upgrade). Whatever the case, every month, studio press releases, especially those from the sublicensees, always excite me. Continue reading ‘Brandon’s Blu-ray Wishlist For 2018!’


Top Ten Coolest 80’s Movie Characters – w/Bonus Terrence “Critters” Mann Interview!

Of all the memorable columns from my previous movie site stomping grounds, there was one in particular that was a favorite not only of mine but tops with readers too.  It was an 80’s movie character expose that debuted on September 3, 2011 that came straight from my childhood love of quirky characters and quite quickly became the one article that consistently stayed at number one in terms of my body of written work.  So since it was recently taken down to make room for lighter fare and in tribute to actor Terrence Mann whom I adore and who personally gave some of his interview time to enhance my article, I’m proudly reposting and resurrecting it here in its entirety for all film fans to enjoy.  It’s my….

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Aaron’s Top Ten Films of Summer 2017 & More

Looking back through 2017’s Summer movie season, it is hard not to see it as a success. There’s plenty of talk of how box office totals were down, but absent a major August release that took over the charts (think Guardians of the Galaxy or Suicide Squad) and a couple of whiffs from franchises people are fairly tired of (think Transformers), the decline is easy to comprehend. The real thing to note is the quality of films both large and small. As opposed to last summer, where the number of successes was overwhelmed by the number of disappointments, this season featured plenty of well-liked movies. Thoughts on general movie goers and critics aside, people from all sides mostly enjoyed the movies they were able to see. Here’s my list of films I most favored this summer, along with some other notes on the season. Feel free to add your thoughts in the comments as well!

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‘Close Encounters Of The Third Kind’ 4K Re-Release & The Top 5 UFO Arrival Scenes

This week, Steven Spielberg’s science fiction adventure classic, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, returns to theaters for a 1-week engagement in celebration of the film’s 40th anniversary. The director’s cut has been restored and remastered in 4K, which will be shown on screens, before the arrival of the upcoming 4K UHD release. In anticipation of this release, I thought it would be fun to put together a list of some of the most memorable alien UFO arrival scenes in cinema. While there are a lot of fun options and I went with ones that stuck out the most to me, feel free to add further thoughts in the comments. Continue reading ‘‘Close Encounters Of The Third Kind’ 4K Re-Release & The Top 5 UFO Arrival Scenes’


Jason Coleman’s Top Ten Spoil-Free Teaser Trailers

As a long-time movie geek, one thing I miss are those creative early teaser trailers.  You remember – the quick sneak peeks where there was only a hair of footage and what was put on display most of the time wasn’t even from the film itself.  In today’s day and age of showing every shiny piece of celluloid shot via over-bloated trailers that give away everything, I miss that cinematic air of mystery and lost is the main marketing purpose in the first place – to tease.  So I decided to dig deep into my nostalgic movie childhood to come up with ten tasty examples of teasers that ultimately made me excited to go and seek out the film in question.

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The Movies That Got Away – How the Films We Missed Would’ve Changed Our Past Top 10’s

“There are only so many hours in the day.” That’s a statement we have all heard and probably even used ourselves. The same thing applies to movie watching and then some. There are only so many hours in a day and only so many movies we can get to in a year. Every year at least one person that sees my Top 10 list in January asks me, “Oh, so you’ve seen EVERY movie from last year?” No. Of course not.  That’s not realistic, but since I have a keyboard and an opinion, I’ll write about what I did see.  Still, that can leave a multitude of pictures out of a person’s viewing experience.  So what happens to those great films we missed?

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Staff Picks For 2017’s Best Films Of The Year So Far

We have reached the end of June, which means it may be fun to take a look at what we’ve really liked in the world of cinema so far this year. So the Why So Blu crew decided to put together their picks for the best films of the year so far, which once again range from superhero flicks to smaller indies. This set of eclectic lists reflects the range of films that have been released so far, with focus also still going towards what the rest of the year has to offer. Additionally, if you have anything to add as far as your own picks, feel free to leave those thoughts in the comments. Now, without further ado, let’s start off with our fearless leader.

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Dave Matthews Band – Ranking Their Studio Albums

DMBIt’s no secret that Dave Matthews Band has been one of the most successful bands since the 90’s. There’s just something about their music that connects with me on a very soulful level. Maybe it’s the unconventional singing voice of Dave himself. It could be the marriage of all those instruments that blend into a unified musical journey. There’s also the story-telling element of Dave’s lyrics that add depth to their content. In actuality, it’s truly a combination of all those things and more. While the live concert is where the band thrives, there’s no overlooking their roster of studio albums. There’s no real timetable for their next release, but there is and admirable library to pick from today so let’s take a look at how they rate.

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Aaron’s Most Anticipated Films Of 2017 – A Month By Month Look

kongGiven the research and only having so much to work with, this is always a tough list to put together. I see over a hundred movies a year theatrically and a lot of those films are ones I’ve been anticipating to some degree, while many others are smaller films that randomly arrive on the calendar months after the start of the year. There are many films in production and being completed in time for Cannes and other film festivals to keep in account, but I’ve provided a month by month look at what I’m looking forward to seeing (links for trailers where available). I am also curious to hear what others have to say as well, so feel free to add thoughts in the comments.

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Bron’s Top-ish Ten-ish Films of 2016

Bron top filmsI likely saw more films in theaters in 2016 than I have any other year. And that includes when I used to work at a theater. Even with that, making a top 10 list still feels strange to me, as there are just so many films that I didn’t see that I really think I would enjoy. So, to avoid the perception of expertise, let’s consider this more of a Top-ish Ten-ish films/film-going experiences of 2016 that I had the opportunity to see. We will be starting off with a few worsts to set up a little contrast, then I will briefly discuss some honorable mentions, the films I didn’t get to see that appear to be things I would enjoy, and then the main course. Let’s go! Continue reading ‘Bron’s Top-ish Ten-ish Films of 2016′


Gerard’s Top-Tastic Films of 2016!

Gerards Top-Tastic Films of 2016Happy New Year! Here we are together again, and as promised, my Top-tastic films of 2016! Please keep in mind that I did not see as many films as I wanted to after August of this year due to several traveling commitments. I did catch up on a few more within the last couple of weeks but they may or may not have made it onto my list. I published my Top Blu-ray list a few weeks ago and none of those films made it onto this list either due to different scales of grading. You may notice a theme in this list and that’s what I went for this time out. It’s a more “fun” oriented list of flicks that captured my attention and made me have a good time – as crappy of a year as we had – I needed to laugh and be blown away. In any event, let’s get on with the show!   Continue reading ‘Gerard’s Top-Tastic Films of 2016!’


Gregg’s Best and Worst Films of 2016

Top 10It was certainly a turbulent year in the entertainment business as 2016 saw the passing of numerous stars. Bowie left us, then Alan Rickman and the list went on with Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds passing just days apart. While they have moved on to whatever the next stage may bring, we will always have them on film. Music and movies are two things that can bring people together so take a moment to remember those we admired while continuing to enjoy to the films we loved in 2016. Keep in mind this is not a list of the most artistic films of the year, just my personal favorites as well as a few that had me squirming in my seat in boredom.

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Aaron’s Terrific Top Ten Films of 2016

767925_008The end of 2016 means an end to another year of great cinema. I had a tough time putting together this final list of films, as there was a strong selection to go through. Having watched over 175 films theatrically this year, it was fun to narrow things down to a final list of ten films. This is especially the case, given how hard I worked to keep in mind my personal thoughts on all aspects of each of these films and how they resonated with me in the time since seeing them. So here we go with my picks for the Top Ten films of 2016 and the ranked runner-ups. (As per usual, I placed lots of Easter Eggs hidden in all of the pictures).

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Jason Coleman’s Top Ten Films Of 2016 (Plus Bonus #8 Director Ryan Schwartz Interview!)

TOP TEN SquareOf all my years of fervent movie watching, 2016 is by far my most proud. Thanks to my new home WhySoBlu.com and my weekly Encapsulated Movie Reviews column I’ve seen more films this year then ever before and it’s been very satisfying.  As such my list of Top Ten films is a thoughtful, researched and wondrous hodgepodge of docs, genre flicks and interesting indies that some may not have heard of.  And even though there’s not a big budget action yarn (Deadpool came very, very close!), either of the two fine films released by the great Jeff Nichols (Shotgun Stories still rules!) or a gaggle of year-end Oscar bait (La La Land was four out of five stars for me!) ever-present, rest assured I’ve tried to see them all.  (I even checked out five unseen films recommended by my fellow site writers via their “so far” lists – I listened to EVERYONE!)  In a year that had many fantastic flicks just under full marks for me, below is a bevy of strictly five-star stuff.  Films that went that extra mile to make their cinematic wares truly warranted of movie mention and I’m proud to say I adore.  But the love doesn’t stop there as I’ve also included an interview with the director of one of the films below – Ryan Schwartz helmer of the #8 selection – as an extra year-end bonus for all you WhySoBlu.com readers as a thank you for your continued support of the site.  Love ‘em or hate ‘em (and you know my humble opinion!) here are my loud and proud…

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