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Jason Coleman’s Top Ten Movie Game Changers

While various frivolous top ten lists come and go (and according to my previous stomping grounds Starpulse.com are the sole key to site traffic!) there always seems to be a slight disconnect between the writer and the cinematic subjects they are highlighting.  Taking into account trends, movies with legacies and selections that stand out, most lists in a sole effort to be Goggled lack personal insight and passion from the scribe to take things to the next level.  So in looking over my own work recently as a film critic I wanted to get a little more intimate and thus give anyone interested a detailed walk down movie memory lane Jason Coleman style.  So what follows below are ten films that in my life changed the game in terms of what a film could be and my personal stories behind their inclusion.  (Listed by year and not importance folks!)  These are not merely popular choices nor films that were my only favorites, but flicks that took elements in their various genres and elevated them to a place that some movies only dream of going – in short films that had a profound effect on me.  (And remember I grew up in the 80’s hence the small timeline!)  Spilling my movie geek guts for all to see, here are my…Top Ten Movie Game Changers!

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The Why So Blu Crew’s Favorite Films of 2017

Now that everyone has put together their Top Ten lists for the films of 2017, I thought it would be fun to assemble a list that combines all those results and determines a Top Ten list for the team as a whole. Usually, we just speak of which films is the Why So Blu film of the year in the comments section, but since we had the combined efforts of myself, Brian, Brandon, Bron, Gerard, Gregg, Jason, and Jordan, it seemed like a fun idea. To do this, I set up a reasonably standard points system. Choices on individual lists for number one would receive 10 points; number 2 would earn 9 points, 3 gets 8 points, and so on. One exception is, of course, Jordan’s list, as he only listed his number one film and didn’t rank the others. As a result, each of his picks, aside from his number one, counted for 5 points each. I hope that makes sense and while there is no commentary to go with each of these entries, please enjoy the Why So Blu crew’s favorite films of 2017.

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Gerard’s “They Saved the Best for Last” Top 10 Films of 2017

They saved the best for last, that’s why I’m last. It was a great year for movies and a shame that I couldn’t include more than what’s already included, but my Top 10, give or take, of 2017 is a nice and hearty list. A fellow reviewer from a different website used a cool word for his list when I noticed that he had a particular film one would not consider for traditional Top 10 year-end accolades. “Iconoclastic.” I am taking that word and using it for my list. Some of the films on my list are on there just for the sheer enjoyment I had in viewing them – not necessarily for their cinematic merits. Enough with the pleasantries – step right up and enjoy the show!  Continue reading ‘Gerard’s “They Saved the Best for Last” Top 10 Films of 2017′


Aaron’s Most Anticipated Films of 2018 – A Month By Month Look

This is always a fun but challenging list to put together. While there is a lot to work with when it comes to the major studio tentpoles and various prestige films, I can’t account for every movie that is coming to theaters in 2018. However, I can provide a pretty good rundown on what I am looking forward to and the potential of the year by way of this preview. I see over a hundred movies a year theatrically, and a lot of those films are ones I will be anticipating to some degree. Other smaller films randomly arrive on the calendar months after the start of the year, let alone schedule changes, so I will no doubt miss out on some movies to note. There are also many films in production and being completed in time for Cannes and other film festivals to keep in mind, but I’ve provided a month by month look at what I’m looking forward to seeing (links for trailers where available). I am also curious to hear what others have to say as well, so feel free to add thoughts in the comments.

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I, Brandon’s Top 10 Films Of 2017!

No matter what the final box office tally winds up being, that doesn’t matter in terms of the quality of films that 2017 delivered.  While for a long time it seemed like it only had one true Best Picture frontrunner, that’s a whole different bag because there are a lot of awesome films we know they won’t let sniff a nomination. And, that whole Oscar thing seemed to fill out quite easily in the final months of the year. In terms of just speaking genre, specifically the falsely loathed super hero one, it was a pretty outstanding year. Aside from Justice League (Which I found to be a mess, but fun enough regardless), every output felt top tier, with Marvel seeming to have a welcomed comedic approach to its movies this year. There will be focus on box office misses, but that doesn’t make War For The Planet of the Apes any less incredible or Valerian And The City Of A Thousand Planets the best summer blockbuster film you didn’t go and see. Sure, there were turds and if you’re paying attention in this, you’ll know my bottom 5. 2017 produced a lot of greatness and this list was DAMN hard to whittle down to 10.  It pained me to cut some favorites, but my next would be all films I loved quite a bit (Oddly, I’ll probably watch Happy Death Day as the years go by more often than some of these).  But, anywho…here’s my 10. Continue reading ‘I, Brandon’s Top 10 Films Of 2017!’


Jason Coleman’s Top Ten Films Of 2017

What a year 2017 was and thanks to WhySoBlu and specifically head man Brian White the past year was one memorable movie loving time for yours truly.  I got to see more films than any other previous year (by my calculation I only missed The Post and BPM – not bad!), keep the love of my famed Forgotten Friday Flick going and I even got the once-in-a-lifetime chance to head down to Park City, Utah in January to not only attend the iconic Sundance Film Festival, but be on the Narrative Jury for the equally illustrious Slamdance Film Festival.  (My dream come true!)  But that’s not all…

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Bron’s Top 10 Films of 2017

I had a fun time watching films this year. I got to go to South by Southwest again and that led to the viewing of 23 films over 9 days (22 new ones and a screening of Alien introduced by Ridley Scott). I got a Moviepass subscription and it allowed for the ability to watch a lot of stuff that I wouldn’t normally go and see. And my friends were super willing to watch weird stuff with me this year for some reason. So, while I didn’t see as many films in raw numbers as I did in 2016, I had a better overall movie-going experience. I hope that my top 10 list reflects the kind of year I had at the movies. And I hope the trend of fun continues into the new year. Have a great time with my list and I hope to have more discussions about film with everyone soon! Continue reading ‘Bron’s Top 10 Films of 2017′


Aaron’s Exceptional Top Ten Films of 2017

We have reached another end of a year in film, and I’m happy to look back on what I saw. I had quite a bit of fun putting together this final list of movies, as there were strong contenders for the top ten, but plenty I still wanted to acknowledge as well. Having watched over 180 films theatrically and via Netflix and Amazon Prime this year, it can be a bit much to narrow it all down, but here we are. Some films grew on me over time, and others moved down the list a bit. Still, the following list goes over the broad grouping of movies that resonated with me in some way, which I’m happy to share. So here we go with my picks for the Top Ten Films of 2017 and the ranked runner-ups. (Reviews are linked when available and, as per usual, I’ve also linked lots of Easter Eggs in all of the pictures, so enjoy that as well.)

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In Deedful Jubilee Brian White Picks His Top 10 Movies of 2017!

Brian White's Top 10 2017As Walking Dead‘s Negan would say “oh shiz.”  It’s that time of year again that I dread the most.  It’s colder.  It’s more expensive because of the holidays.  And worse of all I have to publicly proclaim which film titles I liked the most.  I sound like a broken record, but this year more than ever I am behind the eight ball.  Because of being laid up from hip surgery, my managerial duties for one of the biggest companies in the world and everything else going on I have not seen an awful lot this year.  I’m afraid to say this, but I’ll disclaim this now that the list below pretty much contains all movie titles you’d expect from a simple mind like mine.  Sadly I did not stray too far out of my comfort zone to catch a flick this year.  It’s not that I didn’t want to, but it was simply due to a lack of time in life (because of my job it’s very hard).  I can’t believe I even squeezed Comic-Con in this year.  Believe me though I paid for it dearly with my body as I was sick for a week with the Comic-Con flu, but I digress. Continue reading ‘In Deedful Jubilee Brian White Picks His Top 10 Movies of 2017!’


Gregg’s Fantastic Film Round-Up of 2017

Without question, this is my favorite article to write for Why So Blu. All of us WSB staffers start keeping track of the films we see from the moment January arrives. As the year progresses, we delete, we add and we rearrange our lists until late December arrives when it’s time to finally see what’s behind the curtain. Now for the inundated, these lists are not reflections of the most artistic films of the year. Each one is a reflection of that writer’s personal favorites from that year. Don’t flip out in the comments section if you were to see something like Rambo higher than The Sound of Music. Again, favorites, people. We’re not giving out Oscar nominations here (though some of the films we discuss are very Oscar-worthy). Anyway, it’s time to pull back that curtain.

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Gerard’s Top-10 Blu-rays of 2017

I can’t believe it has been another year of rocking and rolling here at Why So Blu?. Once again, it is my Top-10 Blu-ray list of the year — some may or may not come as a surprise but most should be no-brainers for the most part. I do not know if I will be crossing streams with my fellow WSB writers, but that’s half the fun. In any event, the following list does not examine film merit at all. It is all about the best bang for your Blu-ray buck. It is all about presentation, special features, and bells & whistles. It’s as simple as that. Without further ado I give you my favorite Blu-rays of 2017. Enjoy!  Continue reading ‘Gerard’s Top-10 Blu-rays of 2017′


Brandon’s Best Of 2017: Two Formats, Two Top 10 Lists!

Another year of home video releases in the books. While digital and streaming continue to be a thing, the physical market is still the best possible way to view or take in your entertainment. And whatever the numbers tell you what, whether its “dying” or “doing well”, what’s clear is that the overall quality of the releases are thriving. With the 4K Ultra-HD Blu-ray format in its second year and boutique labels (Criterion, Arrow, etc.) being allotted more and more sublicensing on more A-level titles, there were a lot of reissues in 2017. I argue its been many years since some of these were first released to begin with, but these new editions have really been upping their game in the high quality transfers and restorations business. With the 4K material, some studios are finally opening up to catalog titles further back than the last couple years, with some studios really blowing us away with their enhancements and others lazily just upconverting it seems. All in all, it was another terrific year for collectors and fans, and I for one will be leaving 2017 more than pleased. Continue reading ‘Brandon’s Best Of 2017: Two Formats, Two Top 10 Lists!’


Brian Chooses His Top 10 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Discs of 2017 & More!

Brian Chooses His Top 10 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Discs of 2017Last year I undertook the pioneer task of only listing my Top 10 4K Ultra HD Blu-rays here.  It was a brand spanking new format then and I was among the first.  Since then Sir Brandon Peters has caught up to me on the format and we currently split the bulk of the 4K UHD reviews here on the site. Therefore, I’m hopeful we’ll see some 4K titles on his 2017 list.  So once again this year I want to focus on 4K Ultra HD Blu-rays solely.  Sadly that means Universal’s Nocturnal Animals Blu-ray release wont be making my list here.  And if you’re a Harry Potter fan, Brandon Peters has you covered here on the site with all those 4K reviews.  We also have a new kid on the block this year with Dolby Vision, but I’m not one of those fanboys who will tell you it’s the Holy Grail and only highlight 4K titles with it.  Hell no!  Last but not least you can tell me until you’re “blu” in the face how incredible Transformers: The Last Knight is on the format.  I don’t care.  That movie is garbage and you will NOT see that on my list.  Haven’t I suffered enough here?  Now where were we… Continue reading ‘Brian Chooses His Top 10 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Discs of 2017 & More!’


Super-Sized Top Ten: Aaron’s First-Class Blu-ray Picks For 2017

Another year and another list of great Blu-ray releases. Like previous years (2013, 2014, 2015, 2016), I have decided to tackle every aspect of what I enjoyed about this year in Blu-ray. This list consists of what I consider to be the best 2017 had to offer for the Blu-ray format based on what I’ve seen, with a few rules to go with it. Going by the same standards as before, I have to have actually watched the movie on Blu-Ray, recognize the quality of the video and audio transfers, delved into the special features, and attempt to keep off any film that may also be on my “Top 10 Films of the Year” list in the final top ten for Blu-rays. I followed these rules for the sake of keeping my list interesting, along with creating some extra sections to provide even more highlights of the year. Why So Blu’s Brian and Brandon may have their 4K setups to work with, but this works for me, so here we go:

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Gregg’s Top 10 Blu-rays of 2017

Steelbook was the name of the game this year as the collectible tin Blu-ray cases seemed to have grown in demand greatly in 2017. Best Buy appears to have the majority of the market on these which certainly has me paying them visits more often than in recent years. Still, just as you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, you shouldn’t judge a Blu-ray by its clam shell. Fancy packaging aside, there were plenty of enticing choices to get your hands on this past year when it comes to the high def, home-viewing format. So without anymore time spent on my affinity for metal movie cases, let’s crack open that list!

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Aaron’s Top 20 Picks for the Best Original Criterion Collection Cover Art of 2017

Taking a cue from Why So Blu’s Jason Coleman and his picks for his favorite movie posters of the year, this seemed like a fun idea at the time, but it turned out to be a bigger challenge than anticipated. The Criterion Collection currently releases roughly 60-70 films a year. Some of these are reissues, which were omitted from this list (sorry Le Samourai and Straw Dogs) but others are completely new to the collection, and with that, you get some brand new cover art. For the sake of this post, I have decided to remove any cover art that was simply the original theatrical poster (Sorry Being There and Barry Lyndon), as I wanted to focus on the new interpretations for certain classics and acclaimed contemporary releases by way of the artwork associated with them. So without further ado, here are the top 20.

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Best Comic Books of 2017

This past year saw some big events in the comic book world. The Suicide Squad went toe to toe with the Justice League. Image saw the last words written for one of its strongest series in Invincible. The Joker and the Riddler went fisticuffs on a catastrophic level in the pages of Batman (that read comes highly recommended from me by the way). Let us not forget the brilliance of small indie publisher Sabotage Industries and their title Shed. That came awfully close to making this list as its Alien Nation-vibe story brought civil rights to the forefront in a new light. It pitted the skin vs. skinless amidst an apocalyptic overtone with some magnificent writing and great artwork to boot. As with any ‘best of the year’ list, however, there can only be one champ in each category. So, while the aforementioned titles didn’t make this list, rest assured they are all enjoyable reads. Now onto the list…

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Jason Coleman’s Top Five Male & Female Performances Of 2017 (w/Bonus Actress Eliza Taylor Interview!)

For those who truly believe the performer in film is key, this is the year-end list for you.  Giving credit where it’s amply earned, I scoured many a good and bad flick to single out and construct a diverse and challenging list of outstanding actors whose work blew me away in 2017 – and it wasn’t easy.  With an abundance of great performances this year I had to omit folks based on everything from volume (EVERYONE is Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri is amazing!) to fairness (the amazing Sally Hawkins can only get one nod here!) to be able to accurately weed down and choose what I find to be work that goes above and beyond.  So big and small, lead or supporting below is a list of five exceptional men and women who exemplify what it is to create a character that kicks ass.  Passionate mutes, undercover cops, unknowing powerful losers, sassy elders, spirited strong strippers, sweet simpletons, aging criminals, unflinching tough guys, manic wackos and two sides of the same character all make up the men and women of my illustrious…TOP FIVE MALE & FEMALE PERFORMANCES OF 2017.  (And keep reading below for a cool bonus Q&A with my arresting #2 female choice Eliza Taylor for her layered lead work in Thumper – you’re welcome!)

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