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Brandon’s 25 BEST Blu-rays Of The Double Dipping Year That Was 2016!

Its not like we’re winding down any time soon on films that still need to make it to the Blu-ray format.  There are ah-plenty.  Heck, there are films that still never made it to VHS or DVD.  2016 introduced us to 4K Ultra HD Blu-rays.  The new wave, the new cream of the crop.  And […]


The Best of Bogart Collection (Blu-ray Review)

Humphrey Bogart is widely and understandably recognized as one of the greatest, if not The greatest actor in the history of American cinema and it certainly helps that he is the star of many films considered classics, let alone some of the best of all time films ever made.  This Blu-ray collection includes some truly […]


Best of Warner Bros. 20 Film Collection: Best Pictures (DVD Review)

Warner Brothers is celebrating its landmark 90th anniversary with a year-long initiative to release seven new major home entertainment collections. The campaign’s flagship release, The Best of Warner Bros. 100 Film DVD Collection, showcases 100 movies from the studio’s historic, hallowed archives — the largest film library in the world.  The limited and numbered box […]


Casablanca: 70th Anniversary Ultimate Collector’s Edition (Blu-ray Review)

Many film fanatics and critics hail 1942’s Casablanca as one of the greatest movies ever made filled with infamous lines of dialog, robust characters, an iconic soundtrack and many memorable scenes.  But you want to know the real kicker here (not that staff writers Aaron Neuwirth and Gerard Iribe aren’t already making fun of me […]


1939: Hollywood’s Greatest Year

It’s the end of the year and we’re beginning to see the usual “best-of” lists.  Seeing as this is 2009, some of these may even be “best of the decade.”  Now, let’s be honest, some of these will be spot on, some will be terrible, but ultimately, they’re all subjective.  That’s the beauty of cinema; […]


New Blu…(Blu-ray Announcements 12/7 – 12/9)

We got a little behind this week in reporting all the latest and greatest in Blu-ray news so I thought I would make it up to all of you today.  Consider this post your one-stop shopping guide to all the new Blu-ray announcements that have happened thus far this week.  I hope you can find it in […]