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Forgotten Friday Flick – “High Art”

Keeping the current theme of dissecting the work of wondrous women behind the camera alive and well, this week sees yet another awesome indie with a talented female filmmaker proudly at the helm – welcome to Forgotten Friday Flick!  Continuing the highlighting of films with a distinctive feminine flair, the selection below was an impressive […]


Sacrifice (Movie Review)

From IFC Midnight comes Sacrifice starring Radha Mitchell as Tora Hamilton a Consultant Surgeon who, along with her husband Duncan Guthrie (Rupert Graves), has moved to the remote Shetland Islands.  There they plan to adopt their first child as they have been unable to naturally conceive.  Since her husband grew up on these Scottish islands […]


An Ashley Judd Sighting Amplifies ‘Olympus Has Fallen’ on Blu-ray!

Stop the press!  I don’t care if it’s only a brief moment…word has it that Ashley Judd makes an appearance in Olympus Has Fallen and that’s good enough for me!  It warms my heart that she’s actually in a movie that’s critically reviewed as being okay because God I swear she has made more bad […]


NBFF Reviews: Wasteland, Fruit Of Labor, And Gus

Monday night at the 2013 Newport Beach Film Festival put me right back on schedule for viewing two films a night for the remainder of the week, possibly seeking a bit of solace (and food) at the wonderful after parties, and then stationing myself back at home, where I can deliver my thoughts on the […]


‘Olympus Has Fallen’ And A 90s Action Movie Rises (Movie Review)

It is funny how some movies strike me differently than others, despite their similarities.  Olympus Has Fallen has all the jingoism, xenophobia, and silliness to match awful films like Red Dawn or Red Tails.  It is also cheap and ugly enough at times to match an awful film like A Good Day To Die Hard.  […]


The Crazies is Thrillingly Sane

Remakes seem to be Hollywood’s cup of tea in recent years, especially in the scary movie category.  We’ve seen the kick-starts of well known franchises in recent memory such as Halloween and Friday the 13th.  2010 is no exception as audiences can now experience the facelift version of George Romero’s 1973 cult classic, The Crazies.  […]