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Interview: Legendary Director Walter Hill Talks The Assignment, Ry Cooder and A Career Of Memorable Movies

In terms of iconic directors with a rich filmography to die for, nobody is more notable than the legendary Walter Hill.  A seasoned filmmaker with a long list of bold flicks (his first flick right out of the gate was Hard Times with the equally cool Charles Bronson!), huge hits (48 Hrs. introduced an already talented Eddie Murphy to big screen success!) and hidden gems (Johnny Handsome is a cinematic diamond in the rough!) that certainly solidify his standing as one of the all time greats, Hill is a multi-talented writer/producer/director who shows no signs of stopping. Continue reading ‘Interview: Legendary Director Walter Hill Talks The Assignment, Ry Cooder and A Career Of Memorable Movies’


Sundance 2017 – “Bad Day For The Cut” Director Chris Baugh Talks Revenge (Plus Bonus Five-Star Review!)

sundance squareAfter a few underwhelming film false starts for me via the famed Sundance Film Festival 2017 (those reviews coming later!) I recently came upon a mecca movie here in Park City in the form of a five-star fabulous flick.  The movie in question goes by the name of Bad Day For The Cut, but fortunately for film fans it’s proves to be one good night at the movies.  An Irish import and official selection for this year’s Midnight Section, the film is about an average farmer who decides to seek some revenge for the murder of his mother.  Steeped in bold black comedy, colorful kills and bloody satisfaction, Bad Day For The Cut also features tasty turns by leading man Nigel O’Neill as the payback seeking son and Susan Lynch as the truly nasty baddie of the piece. Continue reading ‘Sundance 2017 – “Bad Day For The Cut” Director Chris Baugh Talks Revenge (Plus Bonus Five-Star Review!)’


Slamdance 2017 Interview: Dynamic Directing Duo Behind “Who Is Arthur Chu?” Talk Doc

Slamdance Square copyIt’s that time of year film festival fans – Park City movies time!  That’s right, yours truly will be covering both the Sundance Film Festival (stay tuned!) and the even more illustrious Slamdance Film Festival for the great WhySoBlu.com to include reviews, interviews and even special stuff you won’t see anywhere else.  (A very cool announcement coming this week!)  But since the films are coming fast and furious (an on purpose movie pun!) even before the festivals star let’s get this ride underway!

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Return Of The Living Dead 3 Blu-ray Day w/Brian Yuzna & Friends!

return squareWith my Blu-ray collecting cohort Brandon Peters having already covered all things Return Of The Living Dead 3 via the recent Vestron Video Collector’s Series release (check out his detailed review HERE!) it felt like all hope of obtaining my own cool copy was as illusive as fresh brains.  But just like the creatures in the film you can’t keep a demonic dream down and desire of owning my own dose of Trioxin not only came to fruition, but it was signature city baby via the recent Return Of The Living Dead 3 Blu-ray Day!  Yup, yours truly headed down to the genre happy Dark Delicacies for an amazing and star-studded event did not disappoint.  On hand to sign both copies of the new Blu-ray as well as other collectable items from the Return Of The Living Dead 3 family included Director Brian Yuzna, Writer John Penney, Director of Photography Gerry Lively and iconic Make-Up Effects legend Steve Johnson.  All signed stuff, chatted with fans and made the release of the new Collector’s Series all the sweeter.  Below is a cool photo tour of the event from start to finish (ending with my own copy signed!), plus a short interview with the amazing Brian Yuzna to boot – read on return fans! Continue reading ‘Return Of The Living Dead 3 Blu-ray Day w/Brian Yuzna & Friends!’


Interview: ‘Search Engines’ Star Daphne Zuniga Talks Technology, The Initiation And A Long Career Of Learning

daphne squareIf there’s an actress that exemplifies both beauty and charisma while still creating cool characters to root for it’s definitely Daphne Zuniga.  So much more than just a pretty face with a slightly smoky voice (though both are breathtaking still to this day!), the highly underrated Zuniga has been captivating audiences with her memorable performances for decades.  From her early work as John Cusack’s lovable and spirited sparring partner in The Sure Thing to her iconic turn as the self-involved Princess Vespa in Mel Brooks’ hilarious Star Wars send up Spaceballs, the talented Zuniga has a knack for making every project she’s involved with just that much more satisfying.  (And I may be a movie guy with a singular cinema focus, but even I know she made Melrose Place worth watching!)

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Interview: Filmmaker John Fallon Talks Getting Personal and Showing A Story With His Feature Debut “The Shelter”

shelter squareNo matter what creative entertainment endeavor he takes on, at the end of the day John Fallon is a guy who truly loves movies.  Be it his groundbreaking start as the famed critic “Arrow” of the popular horror film site Arrow in the Head, his myriad of acting roles over the years (check out his notable work in both Eric Red’s 100 Feet and David Cholewa’s Dead Shadows!) or his slew of scripts made into feature films (see American Muscle and Trance with Dominique Swain!), Fallon has been immersed in all things cinema for a very long time.  But being a student of the technical aspects of filmmaking as well, Fallon has added one more moniker to his impressive array of talents – director.  His feature film debut is a suspenseful little Polanski inspired indie he both wrote and directed entitled The Shelter (opening in theaters and digital Nov. 4 from Uncork’d Entertainment) and stars Streets of Fire and Eddie and the Cruisers alum Michael Paré as a down and out homeless man who happens upon a seemingly inviting empty house that proves to be anything but.

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Interview: “London Town” Director Derrick Borte Talks Coming Of Age With The Clash

london squareThose of us who dig cool cinematic coming age stories know that the great ones almost always use era for inspiration.  Be it the last day of school in the 70’s via Richard Linklater’s Dazed and Confused or the 80’s ridden tale of love found and lost with Cameron Crowe’s Say Anything, true tales of teen woe frequently involve a plethora of outside influences.  Such is the case with the outstanding new film London Town (out Oct. 7 in select theaters, iTunes and VOD from IFC Films), a flick set in the turbulent times of England 1979 and at the height of the Punk music movement.  The story itself centers around a young 14-year-old boy named Shay who, amidst being forced to grow up fast due to family obligations, one day is exposed to the colorful and thoughtful music of The Clash and it changes his life forever.   Continue reading ‘Interview: “London Town” Director Derrick Borte Talks Coming Of Age With The Clash’


Interview: Character Actor James Le Gros Talks “The People Garden”, “Phantasm II” And A Career Working With Greats

James SquareIn terms of sheer amount of quality character work in unforgettable films directed by some of the most notable names in the business, actor James Le Gros more than fits the bill.  A skilled thespian who began his career early on with the likes of Kathryn Bigelow (go Near Dark!), Gus Van Sant (Drugstore Cowboy is a classic!) and Oliver Stone (a little Born on the Fourth of July anyone?!), Le Gros went on to have one of the most intense (The Rapture is a hidden gem!), diverse (big movies – how about Zodiac and Enemy of the State!) and character eclectic careers that’s still going strong to this day.

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SDCC 2016: Batman: The Killing Joke Roundtable (Interviews)

joker_160x160Before Batman: The Killing Joke premiered at Comic-Con in Ballroom 20 on Friday night, the cast attended a press junket for the animated film across the street at the Bayfront Hilton earlier in the day. On hand were voice talent Tara Strong (Batgirl), Ray Wise (Commissioner Gordon), and writer Brian Azzarello. Kevin Conroy (Batman) executive producer Bruce Timm, and the director Sam Liu were also in attendance, but didn’t have time to be rotated to my press table. The press room was massive, with what felt like hundreds of other reporters and journalists crammed into the dimly lit space. Continue reading ‘SDCC 2016: Batman: The Killing Joke Roundtable (Interviews)’


Lunch With The ‘Don’t Think Twice’ Gang!

Don't Think TwiceWhat makes a good interview even better?  How about the addition of some good grub with a good group for good times!  Such is the situation recently when WhySoBlu was invited to celebrate the release of the second film by Sleepwalk With Me writer/director Mike Birbiglia called Don’t Think Twice (currently playing in New York and opening in LA & Chicago on July 29 from The Film Arcade) at a fantastic food spot known as Vintage Enoteca.

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OUTATIME Blu-ray Day Part 2 – The Interviews

Outatime Bluray squareWelcome back….to the future film fans!  We’re continuing our cool and comprehensive coverage going in Part Two of our OUTATIME Blu-ray Day Coverage celebrating the release of the new documentary OUTATIME: Saving the DeLorean Time Machine out today on Blu-ray, DVD and VOD with some filmmaker and head restoration team member insight via our own Q&A.  From their own fondness of all things Back to the Future and DeLorean Time Machine related to their thoughts on the restoration itself we’re chatting one-on-one with the guys who made it all happen doc Director/Producer Steve Concotelli and Head of Restoration Joe Walser – hit 88 and take it away guys!

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OUTATIME Blu-ray Day Part 1 – Restored DeLorean Photo Tour

Outatime Bluray squareFor all Back to the Future fans big or small, the famed DeLorean DMC-12 is by far one of the most recognized movie vehicles worldwide.  As the machine of choice for Doc Brown’s famed time machine, the DeLorean with its stainless steel body and futuristic gull-wing doors has been a symbol of fantasy and science fiction come to life.  A new documentary chronicling the restoration of the original A-car (one of three used the most in the original film) after years of being on display outside at Universal Studios called OUTATIME: Saving the DeLorean Time Machine is coming to Blu-ray (with tons of extras courtesy of Virgil Films!), DVD and VOD on July 19 and it gives fans a front row seat to the amazing reconstruction of one of the most beloved cars of all time.

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Interview: “How He Fell In Love” Standout Amy Hargreaves Talks Character, The Cassavetes Influence and Indescribable Love

Amy Hargreaves 6For a true cinefile there’s nothing better than discovering a five-star female performance – an unforgettable character by a leading lady whose work lingers long.  The moving new film from writer/director Marc Meyers titled How He Fell In Love (currently playing in LA, New York and select cities from Monument Releasing) has one such tasty turn.  Playing a layered and complex character who is caught between the loyalty to her husband and the love of a younger man with whom she’s having a passionate affair, actress Amy Hargreaves gives one bold, strong and emotionally rich performance that all but solidifies her as on-screen force to be reckoned with.  Going to real and raw places but all the while maintaining a sense of strength, Hargreaves Oscar worthy work is nothing short of superb and truly challenges the status quo.

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Interview with No Escape’s John Dowdle and Drew Dowdle

Interview with No Escape's John Dowdle and Drew DowdleI was super excited to get the opportunity to chat with the brains behind No Escape!  The director/writer John Dowdle and co-writer Drew Dowdle were so awesome and easy to talk to!  It’s always great to talk with filmmakers who have a genuine passion for what they do!  I really enjoyed this movie!  Just when you think you’ve got it figured out, it totally throws you a whole new shocking curve ball that leaves you wondering what could POSSIBLY happen next!  After watching this movie I really can’t wait to see what new projects “The Brothers Dowdle” have in store for us! Continue reading ‘Interview with No Escape’s John Dowdle and Drew Dowdle’


Interview With A Faster Horse’s David Gelb

Interview With A Faster Horse's David GelbOne of the biggest perks of this gig here at Why So Blu is the access it gives me to chat with choice talent that I highly admire in the world of filmmaking.  Couple that with a 15-minute conversation about one of the most passionate subjects in my life, Ford Mustangs, and you have my heart and complete undivided attention.  Yep, that’s right.  My fifteen paragraphs of text wasn’t enough in my A Faster Horse film review a few days back over here.  Oh no!  I needed to have more!  It’s like having two beautiful Ford Mustangs parked in your garage.  What’s one more?  Hell, why not go for a Shelby, right?  Exactly!  However, I digress.  We’re here today to talk with David Gelb, the director of my new favorite documentary, A Faster Horse.  I think you can already tell where this conversation is going to go.  Oh yeah!  Pure muscle car nirvana.  Come on!  Let’s get started. Continue reading ‘Interview With A Faster Horse’s David Gelb’


Exclusive ‘Detroit Rock City’ Blu-ray Interview w/ Director Adam Rifkin

KISS - Adam Rifkin InterviewYou wanted the best, you got the best!  Finally heading to the Blu-ray party today, after many years spent missing in action, the 1999 cult classic Detroit Rock City will be making its presence known by shouting it out loud in living rooms everywhere courtesy of Warner Bros. Home Entertainment/New Line Cinema.  If you know what Detroit Rock City is all about, then hopefully my little “shout it out loud” play with words didn’t go right over your head (sound the failure trumpet).  On as serious note though, this former Cleveland, OH resident, which this film fictitiously starts out in, and lifelong KISS fan couldn’t be happier about this news as being a Blu-ray snob I sold my DVD version of the film many moons ago and have been anxiously waiting for this day to come.  That magic day in KISSTORY, which I have been referring to all paragraph long thus far, is TODAY!  Yep that’s right, the boys are back in town today and to celebrate this hotly anticipated day in KISSTORY with fans everywhere I thought what better way than to sit down and partake in a chat with the man ultimately responsible for bringing the Carl V. Dupré vision to life onscreen, the multi-talented Mr. Adam Rifkin and a few other surprises. Continue reading ‘Exclusive ‘Detroit Rock City’ Blu-ray Interview w/ Director Adam Rifkin’


‘Black Sea’ Interview with Director Kevin Macdonald

black sea whysoblu kevin 2Black Sea is a heist film with an interesting twist.  It features Jude Law as a submarine captain, who is recruited to lead a crew of men in one submarine to the bottom of the Black Sea in order to recover lost Nazi gold from a sunken U-Boat.  I have a review for this film HERE, but Black Sea is a solid entry into the heist genre, with an emphasis on how obsession and distrust can overtake logic and reason, even in the most dire of scenarios, when teamwork is most important.  The film was directed by Kevin Macdonald (Touching the Void, The Last King of Scotland), who I had the pleasure of interviewing.  Continue on to learn more about his influences for the story, his favorite submarine movies, the nature of filming with real submarines, and more!

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SDCC 2014: Out Now Presents A Comic Con 2014 Recap

2014 WSB Comic Con CoverageSo there are plenty of ways I could go over the various panels I saw throughout my time at Comic Con.  I have done so in a number of articles already, but all of this work certainly takes a lot of work.  So, with that said, rather than recap the same panels in written form, which have been covered on the day and read by thousands already, I figured I would publish a couple podcast episodes featuring myself and friend/fellow movie lover/Comic Con veteran Alan Aguilera.  The two of us took the time, during Comic Con, to go over our experiences from Wednesday through Saturday.  These were recorded on Friday and Sunday mornings, with part 2 being a good example of how exhausted we were, after seeing so much.  Continue on to listen to a couple bonus episodes from Out Now with Aaron and Abe (the podcast I co-host), which features discussions of Marvel, Warner Brothers, Paramount Pictures, Legendary Pictures, Sony Pictures, Sin City, Batman the TV Show, 24, Sleepy Hollow, Comedy Central, Adult Swim, and many other panel presentations, along with various stories, showroom floor experiences, and the craziness that was the Hall H line this year.

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