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Welcome to Acapulco (Movie Review)

Video game designer Matt Booth has one shot to save his career by unveiling his biggest project yet at the Video Game Awards in New Mexico. But after running into a friend at the airport and having a little too much to drink before his flight, he ends up in ACTUAL Mexico – specifically, Acapulco. As soon as he lands, he finds himself on the run from high-powered criminals, deadly hitmen and the Feds, all looking for a mysterious package that he has allegedly smuggled through customs yet knows nothing about. Partnering with a badass, beautiful femme-fatale and channeling his inner video game action hero, the pair unravels a conspiracy that could shake the foundation of the United States, maybe even the world. Continue reading ‘Welcome to Acapulco (Movie Review)’


‘Hotel Mumbai’ Delivers Intensity (Movie Review)

In 2008, a small but potent group of terrorists launched a well-coordinated, multi-wave attack on specific targets within the Indian city of Mumbai. The horrific events took place within a period lasting from November 26th to the 29th. This past weekend, the 123-minute feature film titled Hotel Mumbai, which retells those moments of those awful three days, had its national release. Starring Slumdog Millionaire lead, Dev Patel, along with Anupam Kher, Armie Hammer, Jason Isaacs, and the insanely beautiful Nazanin Boniadi.

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11:11 – ‘Us’ A Sign of More Good Things To Come From Peele (Movie Review)

UsThink about this. What if Us exists in our world to solely prove that the formidable sophomore slump does not apply to filmmaker Jordan Peele? It’s entirely quite possible! If Get Out proved that he didn’t need the training wheels on the bike anymore, then Us demonstrates he’s ready for Motorcross. Whoa there! Slow your motors! I normally don’t spill the beans in my reviews until paragraph three or four, but I can’t help it here. I was such a huge fan of Get Out that I was wildly whet with anticipation for Us and rightfully so. When that first trailer dropped are you telling me that Luniz’s song (“I Got 5 On It”) didn’t infect you like the person next to you on the plane blowing snot with flu-like symptoms? I thought so. Now that we’ve established a baseline with what to expect from the following paragraphs of praise (?) let’s talk about Us in much more detail (no spoilers). Continue reading ’11:11 – ‘Us’ A Sign of More Good Things To Come From Peele (Movie Review)’


‘Happy Death Day 2U’ Takes You Back 2 The Future (Movie Review)

Happy Death Day 2UHappy Death Day 2U is the sequel everyone saw coming.  The Universal cash gods demanded it.  You know you wanted it too.  Now you got it!  Quite frankly I couldn’t be happier having been assigned to cover this feature.  Truth be told though I initially dismissed the first Happy Death Day off its theatrical trailer as a modern day ripoff of Groundhog Day, which coincidentally I guess you could say the same thing about the time loop flick Edge of Tomorrow (also known as Live Repeat Die).  However, I digress as I never said I make the best decisions in life.  While Happy Death Day does utilize the familiar Groundhog Day formula it does so with a slasher twist to it all that us horror moviegoers eat up like buttered popcorn and sugary Twizzlers.  Need I say more about why it was made and for whom?  I think not.  Instead let’s allow my review of it all down below do the talking from here on out. Continue reading ‘‘Happy Death Day 2U’ Takes You Back 2 The Future (Movie Review)’


The Golem (Film Review)

Every culture has its own mythological beasts. The Greeks had the Minotaur and Medusa. The Romans had the basilisk. The Chinese had dragons. One particular creature of the human imagination that has often been overlooked in mythology discussions is that of the golem, a creature made of stone or earth summoned to defeat evil…and maybe even go on an unintended murderous rampage. This product of Jewish culture has been traced as far back as the early years of Judaism with more prominent tales of the earthy monster taking place in the 16th and 17th centuries. It sounds like something ripe for the pickings of a movie. Screenwriter Ariel Cohen thought so too.

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Fragile ‘Glass’ Handle With Care (Movie Review)

Glass Movie ReviewI can’t say I ever thought the day would come where we’d be living in a world in which an exists a sequel to 2000’s Unbreakable whether lone two of them.   I knew there was always interest in the property, but given the downward spiral of M. Night Shayamalan’s career for awhile I never thought we’d see anything spectacular from him again.  A movie he wrote in 2010 called Devil semi peaked my curiosity, but imagine my surprise when early reviews of 2016’s Split came with mentions of a tie-in to the Unbreakable universe.  That news practically broke the Internet (I’m exaggerating) and even further Split was actually a really great film to boot.  James McAvoy got robbed of an Academy nod for his exceptional performance, but I digress.  More importantly M. Night was suddenly back!  People were instantly in his corner and from the looks of it as we’re gathered here today the third film in the trilogy, Glass, was fast-tracked for our viewing pleasure.

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Jason Coleman’s Top Ten Films Of 2018 (w/Bonus #1 Destroyer Director Karyn Kusama Interview + Jason’s Final Farewell!)

This is it folks – all good things must eventually come to an end.  As such it’s with this final column that I Jason Coleman bid a fond farewell to both WhySoBlu.com and a career as a critic that has lasted over thirty glorious years.  So to make sure I go out with a bang below is jam-packed with goodies guaranteed to make your movie day.  First up is my Top Ten Films of 2018 and let me tell you film fans it was not easy to nail down.  A year with so many memorable and groundbreaking films made it hard to narrow the choices, but in the end my selections were made with both care and hopes of enlightening those who may have missed some great five-star films.  (Plus I’ve added three honorable mentions that on any other year would have made the top ten easy!)  After that a rare treat for fans – my exclusive one-on-one chat with the helmer of my #1 pick Destroyer Director Karyn Kusama (nothing but the best for this last hurrah!) for some added insight and finally my Final Farewell, a grand goodbye to readers highlighting the best of the best and shout outs to fantastic folks from all my years of cinema service.  So let’s get started – first up….Jason Coleman’s Top Ten Films Of 2018!

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Encapsulated Movie Reviews (Last EVER!) – Twenty-Four New And Old Indie Titles (And One Short!)

Well this is it film fans!  Not only is this officially the last Encapsulated Movie Reviews of 2018, but also the final review column ever for this humble film critic.  That’s right, after a few amazing years right here at WhySoBlu.com this fun filled column, which began on June 24, 2016, will now come to a close and I will be leaving the balcony for good.  And while I still have two magical and beyond the norm filled columns to come (both my Top Five Male/Female Performances of 2018 and Top Ten Films of 2018 both with special celeb guests bonuses are still to come – stay tuned!) the below marks my final batch of Encapsulated Movie Reviews as a film critic for all time.

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The Adventures of Aqua Shark Man and Lava Hair Girl (Movie Review)

Aquaman Movie ReviewIt was only a matter of time I suppose, but here we are winding down on 2018 and low and behold we unbelievably, finally have an Aquaman movie.  The masterful James Wan pulled off the what was almost deemed the impossible.  He defied the odds and marvelously brought to the big screen an absurd superhero project, which has been in development hell since 2004.  That’s right we finally get the Aquaman!  Now I have never been that big on the character like most hardcore DC Comics fans, but Wan has my full attention now.  The character of Aquaman for me amounted to very little in both Batman v. Superman and Justice League.  However, here he finally has a spotlight shining brightly upon him and actor Jason Momoa and his larger-than-life charisma seized the opportunity.  As a result I was made not only a fan of Aquaman, but ultimately a believer in this property. Continue reading ‘The Adventures of Aqua Shark Man and Lava Hair Girl (Movie Review)’


Encapsulated Movie Reviews – Six New And Old Indie Titles

Back with more films from 2018 new and old counting down to the end of the year and those highly anticipated Top Ten lists.  This week sees three new outings, an exclusive single night director’s cut and a couple of notables that film folks have been chatting up all on the critical chopping block.  Tales of unlikely friendships, aging hitmen, Christmas tales with bite, the damning cycle of abuse, killing in five parts and a murder mystery hatched out of self preservation all make up the six flicks covered via this week’s Encapsulated Movie Reviews.  Check out the short opinions on Green Book, Asher, All The Creatures Were Stirring, GeminiBack Roads and The House That Jack Built: Director’s Cut below.

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Encapsulated Movie Reviews – Seven New And Old Indie Titles

Flicks from 2018 new and old are once again up on the cinematic chopping block in time for Thanksgiving – and to keep everyone’s year-end list up to date to boot.  Docs on the damning effects of social media plus fictitious flicks featuring tales set in the old west, teens facing conversion therapy, internet models with doppelgangers, dysfunctional families that somehow work, wolves who hunt humans and South Korean murder mysteries make up the seven flicks dissected in this week’s edition of Encapsulated Movie Reviews.  Check out the critical skinny on The Cleaners, The Ballad Of Buster Scruggs, The Miseducation of Cameron Post, Cam, Shoplifters, Hold The Dark and Burning all below.

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‘Creed II’ Knocks You Out with Heart & Perseverance (Movie Review)

Creed II Movie ReviewWhere do I even begin here?  I don’t want to bore my readers talking about how much these Rocky franchise of movies adoringly mean to me.   They are absolutely everything to me!   They are my main sources of both perseverance and inspiration in life.  One could even them call them my soundtrack for success, but I digress.  If you’re interested in knowing the full story, you can catch up here and here on all that monkey business.  Instead I want to keenly focus on the continuing storyline of Adonis Creed (Jordan), which coincidentally also involves the legendary character of Rocky Balboa (Stallone).  However, the latter is just the icing on the cake.  Whereas the first film in the “Creed” series, also titled Creed, was very much an origin film of this character Creed II plays out as a throwback to an older Rocky sequel (we’ll get to that down below). Continue reading ‘‘Creed II’ Knocks You Out with Heart & Perseverance (Movie Review)’


Encapsulated Movie Reviews – Twelve New And Old Indie Titles

Since the year is winding down yet award hopefuls are hitting now fast and furious, there is no shortage of indie outings to choose from.  So to help alleviate the overabundance of movies past and present I’m taking fans over the next two months on my journey of not only the traditional tried and true weekly releases, but also flicks that have been mentioned to me as ones to see this year.  So the twelve films listed below represent both the new and old (though still from 2018!) as I keep on the search for movies to fill out my end of the year best film list.  From docs on kids who cook, Hollywood harassment, and the merits of communism in Gilligan’s Island to features about father/daughter relationships, bad call center events, killer horse wranglers, dads with dark secrets, killers who know how to party, love across time, hospitals designed for criminals, troubled teen mermaids and puppets that are putrid the following films are all given critical dissection for your convenience.  Check out the Encapsulated Movie Reviews of Chef Flynn, Hearts Beat Loud, The Guilty, The Reckoning: Hollywood’s Worst Kept Secret, Lasso, The Clovehitch Killer, Monster Party, How Long Will I Love U, Hotel Artemis, Blue My Mind, The Gilligan Manifesto and Possum below. Continue reading ‘Encapsulated Movie Reviews – Twelve New And Old Indie Titles’


Review: An Hour to Kill

An Hour to KillCinematic shlock at its finest, An Hour to Kill blasts through the screen, assaulting your senses for the next 90 minutes. There’s enough sleaze packed into the timeframe to fill ten other films, and it doesn’t care how you feel about it. This is a film that was written in a dirty, hot motel room, decorated with only a torn bed and a cracked desk, with the only other sound besides a typewriter being that of the swirl of the dangling overhead fan. There’s not a modicum of decency to be found within the walls of An Hour to Kill, and for that, I can’t help but love it.

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Encapsulated Movie Reviews – Six New Indie Titles (And One Digital Series!)

With the great pumpkin holiday soon upon us all, it seems fitting that there are five horror titles via the indie outings dissected below – all with varying degrees of satisfaction.  (At least for yours truly!)  Tales mired with a myriad of twists and turns that demand secrecy, redemption in the boxing ring, stones with time travel power, dancing that leads to dark deeds, brutal bachelorette parties, gals who hold a forty year grudge and quick ‘morning after’ scenarios make up the six feature films and one digital series covered in this weeks edition of Encapsulated Movie Reviews.  Check out the critical skinny on The Dark, Glass Jaw, Silencio, Suspiria, Killer Kate!, Halloween and the digital series Waking Up With Strangers below!

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Encapsulated Movie Reviews – Three New Indie Titles (And One Short!)

A mere tripod of full-length indie outings this week – plus one short – to give those with a hankering for smaller cinema some choices alongside big budget film fare.  Tales of somber egg donation, the mystery behind cults, dealing with some ghastly apparitions and Thanksgiving at gunpoint make up the three features films and one short dissected in this weeks edition of Encapsulated Movie Reviews.  Check out the critical skinny on Private Life, The Apostle, The Book Of Birdie and Holiday Hostage below!

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Halloween II Receives A Fresh Facelift (Movie Review)

HalloweenGoing into this one I was iffy.  It’s not because I don’t love Halloween.  I’m a huge fan of Michael Myers.  He’s my favorite fictional slasher.  It’s because of the X-Men-like way, albeit without time travel or a flux capacitor, the filmmakers want us to shrug off the former Halloween sequels ever happened.  Now I can easily do that when talking parts 3-6, but I’m quite fond of the original sequel to Halloween not to mention H20.  I know I’m in the minority here, but I’d much prefer a glorified reboot with Carpenter’s assistance then be forced to forget some of these great horror moments never happened.  You see my conundrum?  I’m forcing myself to accept this latest chapter because of my undying devotion to The Shape.  Ladies and gentlemen…we’re breaking new ground here, onward and upward from here on out.  It’s a whole new playing field wiped clean and ready to smear. Continue reading ‘Halloween II Receives A Fresh Facelift (Movie Review)’


Encapsulated Movie Reviews – Five New Indie Titles (And One Short!)

Back with the skinny on smaller film fare, it’s time once again to round up the indie animals and see if they are up to the cinematic excellence challenge.  Tales of 80’s romance, gambling and bookie action on the down-low, being trapped with family dysfunction for the holidays, fighting for life with the help of baseballs, mirror images with nefarious intentions and male and female relationships gone awry make up the slew of five feature films and one short covered in this edition of Encapsulated Movie Reviews.  Check out the short opinions on Cruise, All Square, Await Further Instructions, Knuckleball, Look Away and Punching Bag below.

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