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Encapsulated Movie Reviews – 4 New Indie Films

Encapsulated Movie Reviews

For those looking to balance big blockbusters with some smaller film fare your cinematic ship has come in.  Dissected below are four new indie flicks that cover everything from crazed sharpshooters to docs for dudes all out this Friday, July 1 in select theaters, digital formats and so on for the enquiring movie geek.  So feel free to browse the Encapsulated Movie Reviews of Carnage Park, Making The American Man, The Innocents and Our Kind of Traitor below!



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It’s Your God Given Right To ‘Purge’ This ‘Election Year’ (Movie Review)

The Purge Election YearSomething weird happened in 2014.  My girlfriend made me take her to see The Purge: Anarchy in the theater.  Why is this newsworthy?  Hold on!  I’m getting to it.  I like a slow burn.  Haha.  It’s remarkable because of my  disdain of the first entry in this Purge franchise.  I initially absolutely hated the concept and just wasn’t a fan of the film overall.  However, my qualms have slowly faded away over the past years given my love I have for Frank Grillo and his involvement in The Purge: Anarchy.  The one scene where he was screaming at the man who took his son’s life, “you killed my boy,” nearly brought me to tears (and that’s hard to do).  It was one of the best performances of the year in my playbook.  I apologize about the previous spoiler, but I had to emphasize my point to hit it home to accurately describe my change of heart when it comes to the Purge franchise.  So nevertheless, you better believe I was excited for this year’s Purge once I heard Grillo would be back.  Hell to the yeah! Continue reading ‘It’s Your God Given Right To ‘Purge’ This ‘Election Year’ (Movie Review)’


‘The Purge’ Finds A Winning Vote In Aptly-Titled ‘Election Year’ (Movie Review)

the purge election thumbThere is something to admire in The Purge franchise that has stemmed from a singular voice, writer/director James DeMonaco. This twisted franchise has not been my favorite, but it has been influenced by topical subject matter that now pushes this latest entry, The Purge: Election Year, to a point that almost feels plausible. Some audiences can still be entertained by the over-the-top antics of this film universe’s annual event, but for a horror series to further embrace its social science fiction ideas and turn its subtext into text, I can extend a level of admiration.

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‘The BFG’ Is Bubbling Fantabulous Goodness (Movie Review)

bfg thumbSometimes you have to try and channel Roald Dahl to describe his films. Steven Spielberg certainly seems to be a fan, as he has done all he can to replicate the 1982 novel of the same name. Given both the Beard’s directorial sensibilities and being his first Disney movie there is perhaps almost too light of a touch, but The BFG makes up for this by way of delivering on spectacle without overdoing it. Really, what better way to see a movie about a little girl and her new giant best friend come to life than through the lens of a British comedy with big Hollywood effects?

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‘The Shallows’ Packs Efficient Bite In The Not-So-Deep Blue Sea (Movie Review)

shallows thumbJust when you thought it was safe to get Blake in the water, along comes The Shallows. Here’s an efficient thriller that milks a solid premise for all it’s worth. A surfer is trapped on a rock near the shore, while a shark circles her. Other details keep it interesting, even while the film goes over-the-top in its final act, but it does all it can to satisfy its b-movie machinations. Not hurting is star Blake Lively, who is more than capable of providing an action-movie lead to keep us involved with the thrills.

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Encapsulated Movie Reviews – 6 New Indie Films

Encapsulated Movie Reviews

For my first film reviews here at the amazing Why So Blu it felt right to hit the movie review ground running, so I’m going to examine a colossal six indie films (I try to see EVERYTHING for the fans!) that are hitting select theaters, digital formats and the like all this Friday.  So take a gander at the encapsulated (for your convenience!) critiques of Les Cowboys, Wiener-Dog, The Neon Demon, My Love, Don’t Cross That River, Vigilante Diaries and Misconception all below!


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‘Independence Day: Resurgence’ – The Aliens Strike Back (Movie Review)

id4 resurgence thumbI have both nostalgic love and admiration for the 1996 blockbuster Independence Day. The film turned Will Smith into a superstar, provided Irwin Allen disaster movie-like thrills on a grand scale, and delivered a fun sci-fi alien invasion flick. It was also earnest, heartfelt and audacious. 20 years later we have Independence Day: Resurgence, which ups the ante from a visuals standpoint, but finds itself lost when it comes to channeling what made the first film special.

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Forgotten Friday Flick – “Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down!”

Forgotten Friday FlickI’m back with my famed week-ending peek into past pictures worthy of a retro revisit – but now on a brand new site!  And being that this is the first official one here at my new home Why So Blu it felt appropriate to not only keep the foreign film angle alive we hatched on our previous site, but to knock it out of the park with a choice that’s cinematically savory in every way – welcome to Forgotten Friday Flick!  For all newbies it’s my long running weekly column that brings to light hidden movie gems that some of you may have forgotten, dismissed or perhaps never even heard of – all for the consideration of the inquisitive cinefile.  Today I’m delving into a weird movie world where genres are used as mere fodder to build one fine film.  Comedy, drama, romance and a pinch of horror all embody our selection – a movie so explicit in every wondrous way that the film was at the time slapped with an all new rating.  A sensational Spanish NC-17 product of the 1990’s, let’s get the review rope ready for Pedro Almodóvar’sTie Me Up! Tie Me Down!

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‘Swiss Army Man’ Passes Gas And The Weirdness Test With Aplomb (Movie Review)

swiss army man thumbThe press notes for the bizarre buddy comedy that is Swiss Army Man state the film comes from the minds behind the visionary “Turn Down For What” music video. That is an apt way of presenting a film that allows a man and a living corpse to become friends and explore the facets of life to varying emotional degrees. You also have to take into account how much this film almost feels like a dare for audiences to look past the fact that it largely plays like the artsiest fart joke to ever get acquired during Sundance.

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‘Free State Of Jones’ Sparks Little Interest In Rebellion Tale (Movie Review)

free state of jones thumbIt’s a sad reality when you realize a film’s noble intentions can’t save it from the truth. There is an interesting story to tell in regards to Newton Knight and the men and women who joined him in rebellion against the Confederacy (and the Union) during the Civil War. Unfortunately, despite the efforts from a talented cast and the inherent emotions that come from seeing the rigors of slavery at its worst, Free State of Jones is a dramatically inert film with little to add to the cinematic landscape.

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‘Hunt For The Wilderpeople’ Is One Charming Adventure (Movie Review)

hunt for the wilderpeople thumbIt’s something of a shame that live-action adventure movies intended for a family audience are relegated to being the talk of film festivals, rather than something in demand by studios these days. Hunt for the Wilderpeople was met with much acclaim at Sundance this past winter and it deserves it, but it is almost as if the film won people over for being a good example of what we used to get more of. Regardless, this little New Zealand gem features a fine story about two people learning to work with one another and the madcap adventure they experience in the bush.

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Intruder (Movie Review)

InrtuderComing Friday, June 24th by IFC Midnight, Intruder is (as the title suggests) a home invasion thriller that depicts one woman’s unsettling weekend home alone, written and directed by Travis Zarwiny. Starring Louise Linton as Elizabeth, a young cellist in the Portland Oregon Symphony, decides to escape the stresses of her life by retreating to the solitude and safety of her own home. However the dangers of the storm outside are nothing compared to what Elizabeth finds inside the comfort of her apartment. Continue reading ‘Intruder (Movie Review)’


‘Central Intelligence’ Features A Smart Pairing In A Dumb Movie (Movie Review)

central intelligence thumb 2There is a future that will find Central Intelligence playing at various times of day on cable channels over and over again. This lightweight action-comedy starring Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart has the kind of likable qualities that serve as the same reasons so many remember Rush Hour or various Martin Lawrence movies from the 90s so well. Central Intelligence is not particularly good, but it is the kind of film that will make you laugh every few minutes, helping it to add up to a film that doesn’t seem that bad when it’s all over.

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‘Finding Dory’ Just Keeps Swimming And Entertaining Audiences (Movie Review)

finding dory banner 2Sink or swim, many studios like to test audiences on whether or not they can get too much of a good thing. While Pixar had made quite a name for itself already, Finding Nemo came along in 2003 and really cemented the studio as the best in the business at that time. Thirteen years later we have the sequel, Finding Dory, which is incredibly entertaining, but also arriving at a time when Pixar is more focused on proving it can continue to be as good as it ever was. A follow up to Nemo may not have been necessary, but there is much to enjoy in what we get to see in this aquatic world.

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‘Now You See Me 2’ Brings More Magic Tricks And Shenanigans To The Table (Movie Review)

now you see me 2 tymbThe core concept behind these Now You See Me films is making heist movies with magicians. That sounds incredibly fun to me and apparently many others, as the first film was a sleeper hit, paving the way for this sequel. Now You See Me 2 takes the ‘bigger is better’ route seen with most sequels and ups the ante for our main characters. The film has some of the same issues from the first, meaning the plot really only works if you don’t think too hard about it, but plenty of positives actually make this film even more enjoyable.


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‘The Conjuring’ Scares Up More Demons In A Lengthy Sequel (Movie Review)

the conjuring 2 thumbAfter stepping out of the horror realm to put his foot on the gas and deliver the huge action blockbuster that was Furious 7, director James Wan returns to what he knows best with a sequel to his 2013 horror hit The Conjuring. The Conjuring 2 pretty much gives audiences what they are looking for, as far as spooky mainstream horror, but at over two hours, I wish it had more going on. While the film is sound on a technical level and startling when it chooses to be, there was only so much to take away from the characters and story, which felt more engaging the first time around.

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‘The Conjuring 2’ Doubles Down On The Scares, But Not Much Else (Movie Review)

The Conjuring 2There hasn’t been that much buzz leading up to the theatrical release of The Conjuring 2.  While it took me a couple watches to warm up to the first installment (my Blu-ray review here), I guess what I’m most surprised is the return of James Wan in the directors chair.  After he got the invite to helm Furious 7, I guess I never really expected him to come back to something so small or in the horror genre anytime soon.  I think he did a great job on Furious 7, but what do I know.  Maybe it was too much for him and he wanted to go back to something simple before moving on to err…Aquaman, but I digress.  Nevertheless, the horror mastermind of James Wan is back for better or worse to lead us on another supernatural adventure in The Conjuring 2, releasing in theaters this coming weekend, July 10th. Continue reading ‘‘The Conjuring 2’ Doubles Down On The Scares, But Not Much Else (Movie Review)’


World of Warcraft, The Cinematic Adventure

World of WarcraftWhen I first watched the trailer for the World of Warcraft movie I was upset. I saw a franchise that was so rich in lore, and had such a large and hardcore fan base, but such a terrible looking movie. I remember finding the trailer on my Facebook newsfeed, watching it, scrolling away, then going back to watch it again in disbelief and disappointment. At first, it looked so cliché, and so simple, I felt like it may possibly be what finally brought the mighty Blizzard Entertainment to a thaw. Today, right now, I’m here to tell you that when I was sitting in that dark theater, surrounded by tons of World of Warcraft fans hoping and praying for a miracle, and the title screen faded and the movie started… I was pleasantly surprised. Continue reading ‘World of Warcraft, The Cinematic Adventure’