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Super-Sized Top Ten: Aaron’s Astonishing Blu-ray Picks For 2014

This year I decided to go big with my list for the best Blu-rays.  Kicking off my Top 10 year-end lists for 2014 is an article devoted to what I consider to be the best the Blu-ray format has had to offer for this year.  These are films that I have been able to really […]


Halloween 35th Anniversary Blu-ray Honored At 40th Annual Saturn Awards

The Saturn Awards sure knows how to pick ’em as we both agree the Halloween 35th Anniversary Edition Blu-ray from last year was one of the year’s  best.  It was among my personal #1 of 2013 (I picked all John Carpenter releases and tied them together).  Saturn maybe should have waited a year for the […]


The Daily Blu…September 30, 2009

Wow!  Not another day of no Blu-ray news to report on?  Say it ain’t true?  Yep, I am sorry it is.  Although, here’s one for you.  Try this one on for size.  For a limited time you can get a Michael Bay autographed Transformers 1 & 2 Blu-ray disc.   The prices depend on whether or […]


The Daily Blu…August 31, 2009

Well besides it being my Birthday (I made it o the point of no return…35), there is a lot of entertainmnet biz news going on today.  We’ll get to the Blu-ray related news soon enough.  First up, the major news of the day, I believe, is the fact that Marvel Entertainment was bought by Disney.  […]